A Boy And A Box

I am sure I’m not the only one out there that has put forth a huge effort to search for the perfect gift for my little guy, only to have him WAY more interested in the box!

We are currently remodeling our living room and recently bought some furniture from Ikea, so yes, that required us to put it together and have LOTS of boxes left over.  Needless to say, the largest one was immediately claimed by the smallest member of our household.

To him, this just wasn’t ANY box.  Over the next week, it became a race car, a boat, a “secret” place to hide all his treasures (aka our kitchen pots and utensils) as well as a hang out for him and his furry big brother.

I loved watching my little man play with something that we as adults would have viewed as in the way, something that needed to be tossed to the curb for recycling, something we’d disregard in a heartbeat.  It was just amazing watching the imagination of my child unfold.  And I will admit, it was such an inspiration that I just had to climb in that big ship one morning and together we sailed off to a land far, far away…