Balloon Time

How do you accomplish capturing some great images of a little boy full of ants in his pants?  Give him something to do!  I am sure most moms out there with young boys can sympathize.  They HATE staying still for just one image, let alone a whole session dedicated to them!  This is my daily struggle with my little guy.  Usually I get him saying “CHEEESSE” (I’d really LOVE to have a chat with whoever taught him the “cheese expression”!) as he’s smiling and running in the other direction.

Well, I got his number this time.  Mason absolutely loves balloons.  Doesn’t matter the size, shape or colour, he loves them all.  So obviously I needed a session dedicated to him and his current passion.  Imagine his surprise when I pulled out a mini helium tank and started filling one balloon, then another, then another… The way his face lit up was priceless, especially when he realized they were all for him.  Needless to say, we had a crazy amount of balloons floating around the house for a few days