Mother’s Day

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever

~Author Unknown

It’s hard to believe that this weekend I will have celebrated my third Mother’s Day.  As I put my little guy to bed Saturday evening, I couldn’t help but feel a little bit of excitement.  And no, it wasn’t that I was secretly doing a happy dance in my head because he was finally going to bed after a LONG day of him testing his boundaries, pushing the limits and, well, just being a typical toddler.  I felt excited because there were no major plans on Sunday morning.  It would be a day we could lounge around, hang out and just enjoy some Mommy and Son time.  I was excited to hear the pitter patter of his little feet come running into our room for a cuddle, excited to hear him hum the theme music from JAWS as he tries to “sneak up” on me for tickles, excited to spend the morning jumping carefree on our trampoline.

One of the greatest blessings in my life is having the privilege of being a Mom.  I cherish the little moments, the good and yes, even the bad.  I cherish the little things he teaches me every day, his innocence, his love for others, his passion for life.  Today, I tried to sit back and slow down a little, just enough to notice how big his books look in his tiny hands; hands that will never be that small again.  Come to think about it, I really like this pace.  I think from now on I need to make time everyday to slow down and enjoy the small details of life.

Ok, enough of the sentimental stuff:)Now time for a Mother’s Day gift for you!

While on my journey of becoming a photographer, I have been very fortunate to meet some amazing and talented people.  One of these people is Christie of LOVELINX Jewellery Design.

I discovered the amazing team at LOVELINX a  few years ago and have completely fallen in love with their work.  Christie and her team create custom made, handcrafted sterling silver jewellery staring our most precious gifts, our children.  Her sophisticated designs are made from the highest quality materials.  Your personalized necklace or bracelet can include  cherished images of your little ones, names and special dates hand stamped on a pendant or, my personal favorite, the “Peanut Prints”, which is your little one’s fingerprints forever imprinted in a sterling silver charm.

Have I gotten you excited about their jewellery yet??  GREAT!  How would you like to be the recipient of a large Photo Pendant from LOVELINX?  And to sweeten the deal, I will also be giving away a Mini Session and two complimentary images to fill your pendant!

To enter, simply follow these steps:

1. Go to my Facebook page HERE and LIKE the “Happy Mother’s Day” Post

2. SHARE the post on your page so other wonderful Mothers have the opportunity to enter!

3. For a bonus entry, COMMENT on the post about how you and your loved ones celebrated this Mother’s Day

The winner will be drawn May 27, 2012!

My first piece from Lovelinx. I love looking at his Peanut Print and seeing how much he has grown!

Meghan - What a great post Rebecca. I remember meeting you and Mason for the first time when he was just a few weeks old! I can’t believe he is 3 years old already!

Ahoy Matey!

What does a sunny day, cardboard box, and the cutest little pirate have in common?  An amazing morning filled with laughter, fun and adventure!  With the beautiful sunshine we had in March, I had to take advantage of it!  So we headed down to a little creek and let our imaginations take flight!  Are you ready to walk the plank, Matey?

Lisa - Awesome!!
These pictures just make me smile! What a fun morning that was. You are truly a gifted photographer!

Wellies to Wishes – An Art Event in Support of Dufferin Children’s Fund

Something wonderful is happening this weekend!  The Third Annual “Wellies to Wishes” will be happening at the Dufferin County Museum.  Wellies to Wishes is an event organized by the amazing staff at Dufferin Child and Family Services.  All proceeds go towards the Dufferin Children’s Fund.

The goals of Dufferin Children’s Fund are to raise awareness of the needs of children and families within our community as well as to raise funds locally to enrich services to these families.  You can read more about the Children’s Fund HERE.

There are many new and exciting things in store for this year’s event.  Your taste buds will be delighted with the variety of appetizers from local restaurants.  You will even have the opportunity to sample the event’s signature drink.  A live auction will also be present.  On top of many beautiful pieces of art from local artisans being auctioned off, you also have the chance to bid on a number of “packages”.  These range from a “Love to Ride” package from Rawhide Adventures to a “Wellness Package” which includes a three month martial arts membership at The Orangeville Dojo, a three month membership from Headwaters Racquet Club, pampering package from Bodyworks, gift certificate from Black Birch Restaurant, package from Simple Indulgence and gift set from Odds and Errands.  The value of this package alone is about $750!  WOW!!

For more information, please contact Jacqueline Moore of DCAFS at (519)941-1530, ext # 246 or via email.  Advanced tickets can also be purchased at Dufferin County Museum, Dufferin Child and Family Services and Cobwebs and Caviar in Shelburne.

In order to kick of the campaign earlier this year, we held a photo shoot at Orangeville Flowers and Greenhouse .  A special thanks to our lovely models for the day as well as Noinkee’s for their continued support of the community, Habit on Broadway for the lovely dresses and Cheryll Collins for coming and decking out our ladies in her gorgeous handmade silver jewelry!

Here’s an up close view of some of the stunning pieces of Cheryl’s handmade sterling silver jewelry.  For more information or to get in touch with Cheryll click HERE.  Her pieces are also on display at Noinkee’s, just through the tunnel off Broadway.

Spring Mini Sessions!

There have been a lot of new and exciting things happening at the studio!  The first promotion offered this season was Spring Mini Sessions with Stewart the Bunny.  Sessions were a lot of fun this year.  The expressions and excitement were high with some of the children, as this was their first experience with a real bunny!

Part of the proceeds of this year’s sessions is being donated to Dufferin Child and Family Services Children’s Fund to help send local kids to camp this summer.  To learn more about DCAFS Children’s Fund and how you can help or make a donation, click HERE

Here’s a sample of a few of the images taken this year:


A Boy And A Box

I am sure I’m not the only one out there that has put forth a huge effort to search for the perfect gift for my little guy, only to have him WAY more interested in the box!

We are currently remodeling our living room and recently bought some furniture from Ikea, so yes, that required us to put it together and have LOTS of boxes left over.  Needless to say, the largest one was immediately claimed by the smallest member of our household.

To him, this just wasn’t ANY box.  Over the next week, it became a race car, a boat, a “secret” place to hide all his treasures (aka our kitchen pots and utensils) as well as a hang out for him and his furry big brother.

I loved watching my little man play with something that we as adults would have viewed as in the way, something that needed to be tossed to the curb for recycling, something we’d disregard in a heartbeat.  It was just amazing watching the imagination of my child unfold.  And I will admit, it was such an inspiration that I just had to climb in that big ship one morning and together we sailed off to a land far, far away…