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A Boy And A Box

I am sure I’m not the only one out there that has put forth a huge effort to search for the perfect gift for my little guy, only to have him WAY more interested in the box! We are currently remodeling our living room and recently bought some furniture from Ikea, so yes, that required […]

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Feet – A Part of Project 52 Weeks

Lately, my little guy is totally in love with feet. Big feet, little feet, dog feet, smelly feet (ESPECIALLY SMELLY FEET – what is it with boys and their obsession with stink?!?), he loves ‘em all! Recently, I have also noticed him attempting to develop his “toe eye co ordination” (if there is such a […]

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Little Chef

So I have something to admit… After a busy fall season and seeing so many images of my clients’ family and children, I realized something.  I really don’t have a lot of images of my own family!  I guess it’s kind of like the “shoe cobbler’s kids have no shoes” or however the saying goes! […]

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