Discover Your Yoga – Yoga for Everybody and Every Body

Nestled in the little village of Inglewood is a hidden gem.  Discover Your Yoga is a sanctuary; a place to go unwind and de-stress.  When you walk into the studio, you can immediately feel a wonderful flow of positive energy.  I had been searching for a local yoga studio for quite some time.  As soon as spoke with Lindsay, the studio owner, and tried one of her classes I was immediately hooked.  When walking into DYY for the first time, it was obvious it was a special place: beautiful, warm and welcoming.  With today’s crazy lifestyle of always being on the go and not taking time to care for ourselves, DYY offers a safe and inviting place to begin to take charge of your health and wellness.  I always leave feeling relaxed, stronger and more in tune with myself.  Whether you are a seasoned yogi or just beginning your journey, you can benefit from their classes.

The knowledgeable and highly trained team at DYY offers a range of classes, both heated and non-heated, and in a variety of styles: Kripalu, Yin/Yang, Kundalini, and Prenatal Yoga.  Workshops are also offered throughout the year in Partner Yoga, Kid’s Yoga and occasionally with special guests, some as far away as Brazil!

For more information about Discover Your Yoga, their classes and awesome team of instructors, you can check out their website HERE.  To keep up with the latest news and workshops, you can “Like” their Facebook page HERE

I could go on forever about the AMAZING atmosphere Lindsay has worked so hard to create for us, but how about you try for yourself? Are you interested in beginning your own journey at Discover Your Yoga?  Simply leave a comment on the blog or visit my Facebook Page HERE for your chance to win a One Month Unlimited Membership!


Mike - I have heard really great things about DYY! I need to make time to go and experience it soon