Father’s Day

What is a Dad?

A dad is someone who
wants to catch you before you fall
but instead picks you up,
brushes you off,
and lets you try again.

A dad is someone who
wants to keep you from making mistakes
but instead lets you find your own way,
even though his heart breaks in silence
when you get hurt.

A dad is someone who
holds you when you cry,
scolds you when you break the rules,
shines with pride when you succeed,
and has faith in you even when you fail…

                                                       ~ Unknown
With the last month flying by, I haven’t had a chance to write about Father’s Day.  Even though it was a few weeks ago, I still felt I needed to sit down and reflect on how I feel about my husband’s role in the family.  The last few years we have learned so much and grown closer together as a family.  It’s been almost three years since we began this journey known as parenthood and although there are times when we feel completely unqualified for the job (I’m sure we’ve all been there!!), there is one thing we can’t deny: our unconditional love for our son.
And yes, I think we can both agree that our little man is a total mama’s boy.  However as I sit back and watch the two of them together, there’s no denying how much he loves his daddy.  I love the way their faces light up when they are about to get into mischief, the way they giggle when dancing carefree in the kitchen (wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!!) and the laughter I hear at bath time.
I’d like to thank not just my husband, but my dad as well, for all the love and support they have given me and my family.  I appreciate the little things you do from diapers to under doggies on the swings, to the overabundance of applause given when Mason accomplishes the smallest of tasks.  Most of all, I thank you for simply being there and being a model example for Mason during such an impressionable time in his life.
Mason visiting his Poppy to wish him a Happy Father’s Day:
Enjoying some time with Daddy and ice cream for an after dinner treat:
Have you every hear of Pottery Parties in the Hills?  Tanya is the one to thank for helping us with our wonderful gifts this year.  A few neighbors and I planned a morning of painting frames for Dad with our little ones.  Tanya got everything organized for us, including take home kits for those who couldn’t make it that day and made sure everything was ready for our little ones to present to Dad on Father’s Day.  If you ever need a unique gift for a loved one with a personal touch, she is definitely the person to talk to! I love going into Tanya’s studio and being greeted by her warm smile and bubbly personality.  I am looking forward to more fun at the studio with Mason later this summer!