Hello Again!

Okay, so I have been totally lacking in the blogging department!  The last few months have been so busy between family activities, capturing memories for some amazing families and new experiences that, well, my social media was the area that ended up getting put on the back burner.  I think it’s time to get caught up a little!

One of the more exciting events to happen this summer, business wise anyway, was I had the opportunity to take a workshop with the talented Barb Uil of Jinky Art Photography from Australia.  Three days were spent with Barb and a wonderful group of talented photographers.  Barb completely opened up and shared everything about her business, shooting style and where she finds inspiration, to even some more personal details such as balancing family life with running a successful business.

I love having the chance to study and mentor with other photographers.  So much can be learned, even from those with styles different than my own.  I feel this is such an important thing to do and it helps me grow as not only a photographer, but as a person as well.  Every opportunity offers something new and can give the me the chance to see things a little differently.  I enjoyed this experience so much, that I am already planning for another workshop next year!