HipPop Hoorray!

Popcorn.  One of my favourite indulgences.  Needless to say, I was thrilled when I heard about a new business venture in town, Hippop Popcorn.  Sarah, a wonderful mom of two sweet little girls, started her business in March of this year after a brainstorming session with her husband about all the flavour possibilities.  Out of her love of popcorn and experimenting with new tastes, Hippop was born!  Like a lot of moms out there today, Sarah had concerns about what her family was consuming in many of the commercial brands of flavoured popcorn available in supermarkets.  She loved the idea of coming up with her own flavours made from scratch, and knowing exactly what her family was eating.  I was lucky enough to be able to sample a few of her combinations and they are AWESOME!  One of her best selling items: party bags. A perfect alternative to your typical birthday party loot bag!  We gave out her white chocolate popcorn that was all jazzed up with brightly coloured sprinkles for our little guy’s birthday this year.  They were a huge hit!

Sarah came into the studio with her girls for a fun filled session this summer.  Of course, popcorn HAD to be involved.  Here are a few of her images from her session.

For more information on Hippop Popcorn, visit her Facebook page HERE