Kelly Surtees – Astrologer

Have you ever wondered about stars and planets and how they play a role in your daily life?  Then you need to get in touch with Kelly, a Predictive Astrologer, counsellor and all around pretty amazing person!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly through Noinkee’s, one of my favourite shops in town, during one of their Ladies Night Out Promotions.  Kelly was doing mini astrology chart sessions as part of the events that night.  As soon as I sat down with Kelly, it was clear she had a gift.  I think she is one of the most intuitive women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She captivated me within minutes of the session.  We discussed current and past events, and even a little glimpse into what the future may hold.  At the end of the session, she had me completely hooked!  I honestly didn’t want it to end.

While capturing a few images to update her profiles, here’s what Kelly had to say about what she offered:

“My intention when working with people is to provide insight and support.  Counselling is a collaborative, where therapist and client work together to make sense of current situations, or find meaning and perspective on past events.  Astrology provides divine insight into both personality and present experience, which can be empowering in its simplicity.”

With the growing demand for her expertise, recently Kelly has secured a few new spaces to offer her services.  We are very fortunate one is right here in Orangeville!  Kelly will be working from the new Harmony Health Naturopathic Clinic on Wednesdays starting beginning of September, offering Holistic Counselling and Astrology.  Bookings can be made by calling the clinic’s front desk at (519)940-3600.  Go ahead and talk with her; you won’t be disappointed!

To learn more about Kelly, visit her website HERE