My Baby Sister

It’s not easy convincing a toddler that having their photo taken is an exciting thing to do!  They definitely don’t understand the value of capturing those special memories so they have them to look upon in future years.  They are less concerned about the future and more interested in living for the moment (like “I need a snack”; “wow that’s a cool little truck” or “hey was that a SQUIRREL?!?”).  Yes, they are easily distracted and become disinterested VERY quickly!

We managed to get a few images with this little guy before he something else caught his eye.  He and his mom share the most amazing eyes.  They completely sparkle in the light.  I am looking forward to seeing his little sister grow up and if she will share the same!

Carolyn - Thank you soooo much for the photos and the experience, Rebecca! You did a great job with, as your blog post says, a toddler who just won’t sit still for longer than half a second! Thank you for capturing my beautiful little girl and boy. These days sure do go by fast and I’m so happy to have some of those precious moments captured :)